Jayfish can be used with either a Fresh water or Saltwater aquarium setup.  It is not limited to Aquarium used, as it is after all a system that switches things on and off in an intelligent way.


All of the complex configuration is handled via the web-page of the Raspberry Pi, including a stack of Python scripts that constantly monitor everything that is on the go.  You are not required to develop, but rather to build, design and use.  After-all this about the real life management of your aquarium.


The primary electronic component in the stack is the Raspberry Pi 3, Pi 2 and lower will work but we advise version 3 and regardless of which Pi version you own.  The build is currently design for stretch, which includes PHP7 and MariaDB.  We advise you use this setup.


Jayfish supports Advanced DIY LED designs governed by Meanwell LDD Units.  Offering the ability to create upto 16 channels of light with 4096 levels of dim control.  Get rid of the old on and off and switch to graduated light changes.  Jayfish enables Ebay LED’s to be used properly.


Jayfish gives the raspberry a pi a web-service that can control any powered device, from your lighting to your protein skimmer and more … using an intelligent schedule set by you, whereby all devices monitor and react to the schedule .  This means that you can exclude certain pieces of equipment from operating during certain times of the day.


Some particular things Jayfish offer are.  ATO – Automatic Water Top Off, Relay power control, Schedules for power control, up to 10 temperature sensors, Dosing pump controls, Filter life management, Water parameters history, Thermal histories and more …