Octavia News

20th October 2020

Huge upgrades going on here, adding the ability to activate logging that will produce graphs.  One of the really neat features is to be able to set a cadence for recording data, this prevents SQL from getting out of hand, and prevents SD destruction … for example .. you can set a log instance on a sensor type for x, so every x seconds it will write and entry.  This will result in graphs … the graphs will include a trend line.

The next release will take this out of BETA, and the first ALPHA release will be in place ! – pushing for the end of this month. (This will include full BME280 support on esp8266 and the Raspberry Pi’s)

Additionaly I am also remodling the live Sensor Dash, to make it more meaningful rather than graphic … not set on this format just yet .. but you get the idea.  If you look at the 15th October post you can see the prior version.


15th October 2020

Currently I am working on adding the BME280 sensor to ESP8266 module.  It’s working well.  Bellow you can see what it looks like, you can add as many ESP BME’s to the interface as you like, one BME per ESP8266, but as many ESP8266’s as you like.  It doesnt make sense to run more than one per ESP8266 anyway.  If you wanted more temperature sensors I would add DS18B20 support in time to come.

The BME280 takes up 2 GPIO’s so only GPIO 3,4,5,6,7,8 work for relays .. 1 & 2 are used for I2C.  Technicaly I will have different .ino files for differnt ESP8266 setups.

Next I need to figure out how to allow them to be used in dynamic rules :).  NOTE THIS ADDON IS NOT YET AVAILABLE TO THE PUBLIC, I will only be adding this on when the rules are complete, so this is an in progress add on.