Feature List

    1. Monitor Water & Air Temperature – You can add up to 10 including the air temperature probe. Most only use 3 (1 sump 1 display tank and 1 air)
    2. Jayfish v5 can handle as many relays to control  power as you have available pins or channels.
      • Most create boxes here with 110v or 220v female sockets and control the power that way.  Better solution than cutting your plugs off.
      • Since it is relay based the application here is not limited to AC Power, DC is also controllable, including any gadgets you create.
    3. Advance matrix scheduler – assign power devices to time periods i.e. (Sunrise, Morning, Day, Sunset, Night, No Light) 
      • This means you can asked a device (protein skimmer) to be off during the no light period you specify)
      • Some relays can be set to manual and automatic depending on what you would like to control based on schedule. Sometimes you need a certain piece of equipment to be handles by you and not the automatic schedule, helps for testing devices too.
    4. Chemical Test Management Logging your tests with graphs to show change.
    5. Filer Maintenance (with expiry widgets)
      • Manage all your filter’s and define a lifespan to each, system will indicate that a filter is at and of life period or whichever percentage is it based on how long you have specified a filter to last.
    6. Water Change Counter / Since (Days)
      • Log when you change your water, so that you can see how many days have gone since you last did this, we always forget.  Especially people with big tanks.
    7. Species Data base with categories & health monitoring.
    8. Celcius & Farenheit Support.
    9. Water Temperature Threshold (Kicks in Fan or Chiller)
      • Relays can be triggered based on temperature rules.  You are able to bind a relay to a specific temperature probe and give it conditions of below X sitch on or off … and above Y switch on or off and between X and Y on or off.
    10. GPIO setup within Web Interface that helps you avoid conflicts or duplication.
    11. Touch Screen support based on the official Raspberry Pi Screen.
    12. Wave Maker – Provides for up to two pumps – You can control pulse and rest periods. Yes this means you can turn standard pumps into wave-makers. I recommend using circulations pumps.
    13. ATO Automatic Top Off System (Gravity or Pump based)
    14. DOSING 🙂 YES a full week schedule that is able to repeat weekly.
    15. LDD Pulse Width Modulated Light control
      • Support for Meanwell LDD 300/350/500/700/1000/1500 (all 0-5v based)
      • 16 Light channels.