Basic Steps

Fundamental Steps

Learn a little about your Raspberry Pi, you will need to at least get it configured and onto your network.

  1. Buy Parts. (Listed in Shopping List)
  2. Connect Temperature Sensors. (Up to 10)
  3. Solder up a female power sockets to relays. (To Control your 110v or 240v sockets)
  4. Configure all your GPIO’s (Electronic Input and Output Pins) through the web interface.
  5. Install Software
  6. And your live …

It’s also important to understand that  it would help immensely if you know how to solder wires and do basic electronic work.  If not enlist a friend who does or get the help of an electrician if you need to.  There is always someone in the family that knows how …   It’s not as hard as it looks you just need to absorb it a bit. Help is not far off.  If you need advice contact our support email address on or talk with the community on Facebook