The purpose of the dashboard is to give you a heads up on all the critical things, a quick visual area to be able to see whats happening.

Key Dashboard Areas Are

Phases of the day and which Phase your Raspberry Pi is in.

Water Change (days) Allows you to log when you do a water change, so you can realised when last you changed your water.

Relay Status Indicates status details (On/Off) and also indicates if they are on Auto or Manual mode.

Therm Infromation Provides information on your configured temperature sensors.  They need to be configured to work of course. HINT: Click on the cog to configure their serial numbers.

Filter Status (days) Inidcation on how old your filters are, and how many days you have left on them based on your settings.

Raspberry Pi Info A basic heads up on the most needed details for this project about your Pi health.



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