I have chosen Rss – Syndication alerts technology for a multitude of reasons.  The primary reasons is that it’s technology is incredibly open and rock solid as a fetch methodology.  Their are some amazing RSS clients (Apps) and they are available on all platforms and browsers across the digital landscape.

How you access your JayFish RSS feed?

Really simply, install your RSS feed client and add a feed point. For example : in my case my Raspberry Pi’s ip address is naturally you just need to add yours instead.

What can expect to see right now (June 11th 2017)?

Right now the only alert being written is whenever the light phase changes ? from Sunrise->Morning->Daytime->Sunset->Night->NoLight.

ATO water top up’s can now also be seen.

Feed Button action / web feed button action & Auto feed relay actions.

How do I access my RSS through my cell phone outside of my own network ?

It’s a very important fundamental to understand that there are always 2 networks for the typical home user.  There is your local area network (Most traditionally ip addresses in the 192.168.1.x space) there there is the external network (In this case the Internet). These two networks are separated by your router.

So the trick to getting to your Raspberry Pi from the outside is delivered by port forwarding, basically this means someone knock on the door, you greet them .. and guide them to the right room inside your house. 🙂

To configure this you would need to access your router and create a route from the outside to your raspberry pi.  In your router you would simply say forward port 8080 to on port 80.  Then you would need find out what your external ipaddress is .. This would be your routers address in the Internet … by googling and whatsmyip service.  Once you know what it is .. lets say its then your rss feed would point to which will translate to (based on your rule.)

On my Cell phone my RSS Feed as two entries … 1. Internal and 2. External – When I am on my wireless at home .. I look at 1 … when on the move elsewhere I use 2.

Additional Notes

Based on the explanation above, the same can be done for your SSH port (22) which would allow you to remote into your command line & provide the ability for me to provide remote support if you desperately need it.

I Hope this article helps.