Welcome to piworx.net, and independant IoT development effort to make the best of Raspberry Pi’s and ESP based microcontrolers.  Available projects are listed below.  All developments are now part of a greater brand known as PiWorX.

PiWorX brand, solves my problem of having to create independant sites for every project I create.  This way, I can brand them all behind one development house.  Below you can select the project that interests you.

My projects are free of charge, my time is not.  A rough statement perhaps, however I have put in years of effort to make this available to people around the globe.  Becoming a member will entitle you to free snippit access, as well as general support.  The baseline product is freebug fixes are free.  Custom development requests, or functionality requests that lead to major upgrades,are subject to a donation pledge.

The Resident Maker (Michael van den Heever)

“I don’t care that they stole my idea . . I care that they don’t have any of their own”
― Nikola Tesla


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Octavia- General automation based on the Raspberry Pi and ESP8266 boards, this is also a multi node system, meaning that your able to span across as many Raspberry Pi’s or ESP8266’s as you like.


Jayfish – An automated aqaurium system built on the Raspberry Pi, taking advantage of relays, temperature sensors, pca9685 LDD led light controls and more.

PiWorX snippet land, and attempt to provide essentiall Pi tooling and useful code snippest for beginners and intermediate developers, incl. PHP,Python & More.